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WT11: Allar is by a young artist from Bosnia Herzegovina currently based in Austria: Kvest
#techno #WT11

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100% 4NYØN3 mix on True Type Radio. #techno #truetypetracks

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Loud Neighbor live at the Boiler Room in Berlin. #machines #techno

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4NYØN3 - ANYWHERE EP is available world wide at your favorite local record store, plus decks, juno, etc... Get it while supplies last. The digital release comes with 2 bonus tracks. #vinyl #12inch #180grams

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Loving The Alien returns to the internet after a 3 year hiatus. To kick off the new season we interview the Godfather of Funk, George Clinton, a name that has come up time and again in Loving The Alien. For example, Green Velvet talks about George Clinton and The Parliment Funkadelic being one of his first contacts to the synthesizer. Earthlings, free your mind and your ass will follow. #funk

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What starts off as a normal day for a lovely couple takes an unexpected turn into a surreal realm. The Fellonship, a short film made by w0rkt34m, score: Loud Neighbor - The Fellonship.

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w0rkt34m releases

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w0rkt34m (pronounced workteam) is the techno label run by Loud Neighbor, Xpansul and Marcos In Dub

The independent record label was founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2014, launching with the 6 part vinyl series, Escape Control.

w0rkt34m is no stranger to the world of underground electronic music. Originating in Madrid, w0rkt34m started creating video content for clubs and festivals in 2007, as well as independent producitons such as the video interview series, Loving The Alien.

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Children Of Berlin is a short piece on the Berlinese electronic music scene, the Berlin Wall and their connected history. It is an oral history presented by a variety of people sharing individual memories and stories from back then, plus talking about the scene in present day. This piece was an original w0rkt34m production created for the Berlin stage at Klubbers' Day 2010.

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True Type Tracks is a techno label originally created by Xpansul & Daweed in 2009. TTT & WT t34med up in 2010 resulting in 4 releases. 2016 we reunite forces. Like TTT always says, "We love techno!"

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contact w0rkt34m

email: info@w0rkt34m.com

booking requests: bookings@w0rkt34m.com

phone/whatsapp: +49 176 86148449

skype: w0rkt34m

links: bandcamp . discogs . lovingthealien.tv . loudneighbor.net . steel5000.com . True Type Tracks

social networks: soundcloud . youtube . resident advisor . fakebook . twitter . instagram

distributer: envelope structure

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D3M0S guidelines:

Listen to the music we release before sending us your music.
Only send finished tracks.
Do not send over 5 tracks.
If we want more tracks, we will ask for more tracks.
Thank you :)

We accept wetransfers & private soundcloud and dropbox links.

demos: demos@w0rkt34m.com

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