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As the summer chugs along, so does w0rkt34m. Train Daddy is the 5th record of the 6 part series, Escape Control. With this 12-inch Loud Neighbor takes us back to their techno realm. Starting off with the title track we enter the dark, cyclical world of the commuter; stripped down beats and a fat funky bass, along side haunting field recordings and moaning synths. To follow, a round bouncy bass lightens the mood for a moment, but then the storm breaks in the dub-techno track Black Clouds.

Flipping over we have two remixes that both artists called “reworks”. Joop Junior starts this side off by taking Train Daddy to a new level of intensity. Reworking the stems with an acute attention to detail, adding his own hypnotic bass and driving rhythms, Joop achieves his signature peak hour punch. To finish off the record, Gale Talk takes the reigns and brings us back into the summer sun, leaving us with a flirty and fun version of Black Clouds.

WT06 comes out on August 5th, 2014. ......... pre-order your vinyl today!

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w0rkt34m is proud to present ESPAÑOL, the 4th edition to the 6 part series, Escape Control. As always, the A-side contains the LN originals. Español starts off the record with booty bumping rhythms, spaced out synths, mixed in with vocals and samples that build up to mega fiesta. Next comes Spineless, a playful track that flirts in-between house and techno, with a funky bass and rich analog synths. The sweet voice of STEEL5000 juxtaposed with the sassy lyrics make for a great revenge anthem that anyone can identify with, especially the ladies.

On the flip side Marcos In Dub, who's voice can be heard in the original track (Madre Mia!), made a classic house remix full of analog synths, phat-funk and some acid flavored soul. Alixander III (from Azari & III) took charge of the Spineless remix, going Frankenstein, 100%. Like a mad scientist, he reworked all the original parts and put them back together to create his own dark, monster track; a mental trip that builds in density to no end, with surprises at every turn. Two very special remixes made by two very talented artists *** please note, international shipping must be calculated accordingly


On the third installment of the 6 part vinyl series we find the title track of Loud Neighbor's debut album, Escape Control, accompanied by Constant on the A-side. These 2 tracks, full of broken beats and hypnotics voices are balanced on the other side with some proper techno. Flipping over we discover two solid remixes by techno sweethearts, Alexi Delano and Xpansul.

*** please note, international shipping must be calculated accordingly .

Escape Control is the debut album of the techno band, Loud Neighbor. As a whole it sees the duo experiment with their live set-up, built around an amalgamation of analogue synthesizers, drum machines and digital tools.

‘‘Each individual track has it's own back story, but they all have the same root. We draw inspiration from every day life and translate it through our gear into music; people and relationships in today’s modern world influenced 'Escape Control'. Playing with the names of the computer keys, the title refers to the place technology has in our lives today and the side effects of such an intimate relationship. We live controlled by our digital devices, our status, our emotions, our jobs, and society not to mention the government. With our album we invite you to put down your phone, log off, forget about everything, and be in the present, close your eyes, listen, dance and escape control.’’

The album is being released as a 6 part vinyl series with a wide array of remixes from artists such as Octave One, Alexi Delano and Alixander III. The complete LP is available in zeros and ones at beatport, Juno, iTunes and Amazon. GET IT!


Tacotalk is the 2nd imprint of Loud Neighbor's vinyl series, Escape Control.

Opening this single is the original mix of ‘Tacotalk’, an off-kilter, dropped tempo cut, fuelled by retro 808 style rhythms, growling bass tones and squelching synthesizers. As the composition progresses the duo introduce a smooth analog pad melody to drive the groove, while STEEL5000’s alluring vocal lines are intricately processed to shape up the record as an intriguing and unique piece.

On the flip side we see Woody turn in a magical interpretation of ‘Tacotalk’. The German producer has been an integral part of Berlin’s underground electronic music scene (where he remains today) since the 80’s and held a residency at the legendary E-Werk club during its hey day. Woody delivers a beautifully crafted journey with his mix, multi-layering textures and atmospheres alongside raw, boomy rhythms to create an intense dance floor focused track, stylishly showcasing Woody’s knowledge of electronic music and standing in the industry.

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Kicking off the Escape Control series is the original mix of ‘The Fellonship’, which sees Loud Neighbor skillfully blend spaced out synthesizers, punchy analogue drums and chuggy sub bass, alongside sporadic vocal murmurs and warbling hi-pitched sweeps. The focal stages of the record introduce an emotive pad melody and stunningly crafted strings before reverting back to heady rhythm and whirring electronics, veering the record into the advanced stages of Detroit techno with its classy, understated vibe.

On the flip side of the 12’’ we find the Detroit legends Octave One. As expected from the proficient producers who brought us so many classic pieces, the cut storms in from the very beginning with a rugged yet refined groove, as rimshot’s subtly bubble away in the depths of the background, brilliantly meandering around the whispering vocal snippets, dubbed-out synth chords and ever-blossoming acidic bass hook. The latter stages then see the pair introduce their signature cosseting string lines to tail out the release in style and launch w0rkt34m with a bang.

*** please note, international shipping must be calculated accordingly

w0rkt34m, pronounced 'workteam'

w0rkt34m started off as a creative audiovisual production team in Madrid, Spain back in 2007. Pioneering in the videoflyer, w0rkt34m created advertising and content for clubs, festivals and artists on top of creating their own content, such as the underground interview series, Loving The Alien. In 2010 w0rkt34m took another step into the world of electornic music and began to release tracks as a digital sub-label of True Type Tracks. Today w0rkt34m has relocated to Brooklyn, NY where they continue to w0rk in both sound and vision. At the beginning of 2014 they launched an independent record label, also called w0rkt34m, pressing vinyls and zeros & ones too.

CONTACT w0rkt34m • Brooklyn, NY

Christina M. Steel & Martín García Blaya

telephone: +1 718.535.7990

email: contact AT w0rkt34m DOT com

skype: w0rkt34m

links: lovingthealien.tv . loudneighbor.net . steel5000.com . True Type Tracks . reel



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